Here Is A Cool Take Down and Counter Series

Here is a cool take down and counter series you can train.

This is a foot sweep to a single leg take down.

Sometimes you can get the takedown directly off the foot sweep


This is a counter if your opponent chooses to stay outside the leg in order to adjust to the power position and finish with a high leg.

This is a drill you can do to get more comfortable with the flying scissors takedown.

This is a drill you can do to get more comfortable with foot sweeps.


Wrestling, Catch As Catch Can, Cumberland, Westmorland and All in Styles by EJ Harrison

Here are several links to sites where you can read E.J. Harrison's complete 1934 Wrestling, Catch As Catch Can, Cumberland and Westmorland, and All In Styles 100% for free. This book details many of the major holds and techniques found in these various schools of wrestling. A great resource for anyone intersted in making a serious study of Catch Wrestling. 


To read the book on Scribd here you do not have to sign in or join to read the book on this site. Just wait for the page to load and scroll down. there are several blank / white pages before you will get to the actual manuscript;


If you don't like Scribd you can also read this book on here;